Mambo Sandy


The following services are available after a consultation has taken place. No spiritual service will be done without having a consultation. Spiritual work is not guess work and I take my work with the spirits serious.

1.House Blessings and Cleansings

2.Business Blessings and Cleansings

3.Tarot Reading Events.

4.Spiritual Baths for luck

5.Spiritual Baths to remove negative blockages

6.Spiritual Investigation’s

7. Lave tet ( Washing The Head) The Lave Tet is the cleansing, fortifying and finally baptism of one’s head. The head is t

he “seat of the soul” for an individual, which serves as a vessel for the all important Met Tet and the other spirits that walk with an individual. In some non-asson houses the Lave Tet is the initiation into the house and commits the person to that house. More information about this ceremony can be found here at my godfather’s site.

8.Custom spiritual work for difficult cases

9.Justice Work



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