Mambo Sandy

Mambo Sandy


Mambo Sandy is the god daughter of Houngan Hector who  runs Soyeste Gade Nou Leve(Watch Us Rise) As God child of Houngan Hector Mambo Sandy has received intensive training, on how to help people with all types of spiritual ailments, and life issues that might present themselves on this wonderful yet challenging journey called life.

Mambo Sandy was raised by her grandmother, who had great knowledge of herbs and other natural remedies, she was raised to pay close attention to her dreams and the signs that nature provides.

Sandy also has a special connection with animals.Which would explain the reason why she always has had some type of pet around her most of her life.

Sandra is a Psychic Medium blessed with the spiritual gifts of empathy and clairaudience clairsentience. She is also a Clear Channel for the Spiritual Guides and Entities.

She is gifted with the ability to lift causes and spiritual cleansing one’s spiritual body. A healer and gifted Medium, She also has a strong sense of justice and does not like to see injustice done to others in any shape or form.
She has helped many people receive justice when they were being treated unfairly. Sandy also has the gift of making just the right spiritual bath and or ritual that can help to heal one’s spiritual body.

Being an entertainer herself she has helped many people in the entertainment community. Sandra also has the gift of bringing a sense of humor to any situation in a tactful manner.

Consultations: 15 min $57.07  30 min $103.03 

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