Author: MamboSandy

Your Womb Could Be Haunted

Is your womb haunted? So many women have a host of issues, on many levels, rom emotional issues,blockages,fertility issues spiritual issues,relationship issues, physical issues and not being able to progress in life at all. The root of these important issues are rarely properly identified. Spells and other rituals can give some relief temporarily. But you find yourself caught in the same patterns and cycles. Are you ready to make a change We all want to succeed and have progression in our lives. If you are ready to to get to the root of your problem and ready to make an investment in yourself. You deserve happiness in your life. These future seminars,workshops are not for every woman but for 20 women who are ready to make positive changes in in their life. A consultation will be need to see if you will benefit from the consultation fee is $85.07 Workshops start a $1,500 Help@MamboSandy. Please only contact if you ready to make changes in your...

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This program is for women who are ready to make a positive change. In their lives. The program is not for every woman but women who are ready to make a serious investment in themselves. Are you a woman who for what ever reason always seems to feel tired? No matter how much you exercise or diet you just can not seem to lose weight? Are you starting to have problems at work for some strange reason? Are you woman who never seems to fall sleep no matter how hard you try? Do wonder why it is hard for your to keep a Boyfriend? You and your husband used close, But now it seems you two just seem like you can not see eye to eye no matter how much marriage counseling you try to go get. Your well behaved children have now seemed to always be in trouble or giving you a hard time. Are you having serious issues with your hips (stiffness etc etc) ? You notice that your libido has gone down considerable. You try to not be depressed but no matter what you do. You just do not feel like doing anything, even going to work is a difficult, All you want is to be left alone. You feel as though you have tried everything and nothing has given you a solution to the problems...

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What do Your Dreams reveal to you

Dreams have been around as long as human beings have been in existence . Our ancestors understood the power of dreams. Our great-grandparents and grand- parents always kept a dream book on hand. How many times have you heard an elder in your family say, I had a dream about fish or candy? Your dreams can reveal so much to you. Our elders knew that and would write down what they dreamed about and then start looking through their dream book. My grandmother dream book was worn out but she would not get rid of it. She had so many notes written down in that old raggedy book. She had her own system of figuring out what her dreams meant.. sometimes ancestors or her guides would pay her visits and dispense advice or warnings. Our elders would give their bodies time, to relax before really going to sleep, Some of our elders would read or pray before bed. How many of you out there pray before going to sleep? This ritual was done to protect themselves and their children while sleeping. It is important to turn off the TV and other electronic devices and hour before sleeping. You do not want the information being broadcasted from the television to seep into your dream space. It is important to keep a notebook by your bed so,when you wake up during...

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