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What do Your Dreams reveal to you

Dreams have been around as long as human beings have been in existence . Our ancestors understood the power of dreams.
Our great-grandparents and grand- parents always kept a dream book on hand. How many times have you heard an elder in your family say, I had a dream about fish or candy?

Your dreams can reveal so much to you. Our elders knew that and would write down what they dreamed about and then start looking through their dream book. My grandmother dream book was worn out but she would not get rid of it. She had so many notes written down in that old raggedy book.

She had her own system of figuring out what her dreams meant.. sometimes ancestors or her guides would pay her visits and dispense advice or warnings. Our elders would give their bodies time, to relax before really going to sleep, Some of our elders would read or pray before bed. How many of you out there pray before going to sleep?

This ritual was done to protect themselves and their children while sleeping. It is important to turn off the TV and other electronic devices and hour before sleeping.

You do not want the information being broadcasted from the television to seep into your dream space. It is important to keep a notebook by your bed so,when you wake up during the night and in the morning. Start to keep track of certain dreams that are recurring. Pay attention to what happens when you see certain people or symbols in dreams.

Everyone is unique in what a certain symbol means to them. I have notice that some families some symbols have the same meaning. Dream Interpretation was more popular among the elders than it is now. I can remember my grandmother sometimes discussing her dreams with close relatives and friends. Hours would slip by with them interrupting each other’s dreams.

Now you are probably saying, Mambo Sandy, how can I have better dreams. Well, you now I am not going to just leave you floating out there. Below are some tips to help you prepare to have a good night sleep and to help you have better dreams and to remember them.

Sleep And Dream Tips:

1.Cleanse your room of negative energy

2. Turn your electronics off or quiet them at least.

3. Invest in some comfortable sheets

4. Place a glass of sea salt under your bed to keep away negative energy

5. Purchase a glass and dedicate this glass to your dreams. Fill the glass with clear water and say, a prayer to your guardian angel ask your guardian angel to help you remember you dreams and keep away negative energies. Keep this glass of water near your head. In the morning throw it out and repeat the process.

6. Invest in some lavender or rose spray.(I make a special spray for a better nights sleep and dreams) Spray this around the room

7. Keep a notebook and pencil by your bed. So you can write down any messages you may receive. I say a pencil so that you do not have to worry about a pen not working and forgetting what you dreamed about.

8. Before speaking to anyone in the morning write down what your dreams.

9. Pay attention reoccurring dreams. Ask yourself what happens after having that dream.These type of dreams have kept people out of danger or brought success to them.
I hope that these tips will help on your spiritual journey

Sweet Dreams,

Mambo Sandy

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