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Child Spirits That Have Not Moved On

Child Spirits That Have Not Moved on.



Child spirits that have not moved on can cause you issues. Sometimes unborn child spirits from abortions or miscarriages
can cause you many spiritual issues and bring your life to a utter crawl.

We shave stopped mourning the unborn like our elders once did. Spirits of unborn children have been talked about in all cultures.

Please take the time to realize that if you spiritually invest in yourself your life and you will see your positive progression in your life.

Once you take the time to properly attend to your spirituality. Once you start to get your spiritual body in line every thing is will start to improve for you  Your spiritual life is one of importance just as your mundane life is important too.


Unborn children that have not been properly mourned can suck the happiness right our of your life. You will wonder why you can not get ahead. it is because these child spirits can wreck havoc in so many areas of your life. Please understand this a serious matter that should not be over looked. Spirituality is a constant journey and sometimes while on your spiritual journey  you will have a few bumps. We as spiritual workers are here to help you with your spiritual journey and get you back on track.



Mambo Sandy

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