Mambo Sandy

You Should Not Fear Your God Parent

It comes to my attention that some people fear their god parents.
If you have a good god parent you should not feel they need to fear them. Respect them yes but not fear them.
You may have disagreements here and there. There is a way to handle that in a proper manner. In my tradition they say that your elders carry you on their back. So respect is always in order.
The relationship between godparent and godchild is one of trust
and love. This element is missing now days. Which is why their is so much hate,jealousy in the spiritual community now.
It takes a special person to be a God parent.
1. A god parent is not at your beckon call
2. A god child is not a slave to a god parent
3. A god parent has sacrificed and went through things so that you do not have to make the same mistakes
4. A god parent want to see his or her god children grow
5. A god child shows respect to their god parent
6.A god parent takes a blow sometimes for their god kids(You did not know about that did you
7. Sometimes God parents are awakened during the night to keep you from having a serious problem. The spirit warns them about something that might happen to you.
8. A good god parent will not have you bowing and scaping on the floor for their own ego.
9. A god parent will protect their god children
10. A good god child listens to the Spiritual Instruction of their god parents.So they do not get themselves in trouble or bring trouble to others
because they are trying to be know it all..Who do you think will clean up the mess you make. So listen and stay in your lane!! despite what you might think you know.
So if you have a good god parent you should never be disrespect
them. I personally would walk through hell for mine.
Mambo Sandy
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