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Tips On How conduct Yourself In a Spiritual House

Tips on how to conduct yourself when you are a new member to any spiritual house or society.

1. Do not come in acting like a know it all, learn the customs and the traditions of the house, you are now a part of each house is different or maybe you are coming into a new tradition.

2. Understand some members may receive you with open arms and some may not.(That’s life period everything is not rainbows and sunshine

3. Respect the elders of the house.

4.Be respectful in your dress men and ladies, Ladies wear slips or shorts under your skirts. Wear the appropriate colors when asked to. A spiritual event is just that. that spiritual

5. Respect the positions in the house.Going against this is not a good idea. Do not try to jockey for position The head of the house
has who they want were they want. Stand back and learn. Again set your emotion and ego aside. There is a reason for everything

6.If an elder gives you instruction listen to what they are telling you and put your ego aside and do what is asked of you.9 times out of 10 they got the command from the head of the house.

7.If an event ends and clean up is needed pitch in. Yes everyone maybe tired but clean up goes faster when everyone pitches in to get the job done.


Mambo Sandy

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